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There are two levels of reality, there is a psychological reality, and there is an existential reality. Existential reality is not your making. Psychological reality is entirely your making.
But a large part of it is unconsciously made, so you believe it is real.
Whatever is true in your psychological reality, may have some social relevance, but has no existential relevance. Right now if I say that you’re within me, then you’ll feel good, if I say I love you you’ll feel good. Maybe it’s true for me, maybe it’s true for you, but it’s not floating around anywhere here [in front of us]. O.K.
It’s just my emotion and your emotion, yes, it is nice that our emotions are sweet; our thoughts are sweet; our actions are sweet, it’s wonderful, if it so. But it has only psychological and social relevance. It has no existential relevance. If you want to know
Life, then you have to step out of this bubble called psychological reality and step into existential reality. Only then, you have a taste of life, otherwise you’re just a bundle of thoughts, emotions, ideas, opinions and now i’m there in all that. [audience and Sadhguru laugh]
So, what I would tell all of you is:
Instead of thinking about it, instead of analysing it. An experiential dimension has to happen. If you’re willing to dedicate 28–30 hours of focused time, we will give you tools with which you can make this happen for yourself. This is not some empty talk, this has happened to millions of people. This has worked! And I must tell you the first 21 years of my work, as a rule, I never appeared in the media, of course I didn’t have a website, never put up one poster, or banner, or even a brochure. Only by word of mouth, millions of people came. Obviously it must have worked for them to bring their family and friends, and now i’m not promising any miracle, i’m not taking you to heaven.

I’m telling you the source of all your problems is you.

Not somebody else.
I’m saying it’s hard talk.

It is not some miraculous promise of going to heaven, some lala land is there and everything will be fine for you, no.

In spite of that, people came, because they saw the transformation within themselves had to come. There was no other way.
So i’m saying:
This is a technology of wellbeing, we’re handling our external wellbeing, in a scientific way through many means of technology, why is it that we are so crippled when it comes to our interiority? We are trying to handle it through our emotions, we are trying to handle it through our philosophies, we are trying to handle it through our ideologies and belief systems.

No. It’s time you approach this human mechanism in a scientific manner.

How to make this into, a full fledged possibility. See every life in this world is only trying to become a full fledged life, whether it’s a worm or an insect or a bird or an animal or a tree. All they are striving for is to become full fledged. But we know what is a full fledged worm, we know what is a full fledged insect, we know what is a full fledged everything, but we do not know what is a full fledged human being.

Because even if I make you the king or queen of this planet tomorrow, still you will aspire for the stars. Because there is something within us, which is longing to become infinite. If you’re longing for infinite, you can’t go about conquering space, it’s not going to get you there. The finiteness of you has come to you only because of your identification with your physicality. Your physicality is a defined boundary. Without a defined boundary there is no physical nature. But is it true that this human body, you slowly accumulated?
Is it true?
Or were you born like this?
You accumulated this.

What you accumulate can be yours. It can never, ever, be you.

Or in other words, you are living your life without experiencing the life that you are, even for a moment. Your entire involvement is with your phsyiology, and psychology. It’s time this changes, that you experience the life that you are, this life that you are doesn’t come with boundaries, it is only the body. It is the boundaries.
You must stick to the boundaries, that’s very important, don’t expand it too muc


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Here to serve the shift in human consciousness.

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Peter Middleton

Peter Middleton

Here to serve the shift in human consciousness.

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