Not only in the “right way”.

Photo by Guilherme Stecanella on Unsplash

Ensuring you’re treating someone with dignity, easy right?

Not so much.

Simple maybe, easy no. Simple because it just requires active listening, treating without judgement, blame, toxic shame, or criticism.

Everyone is nodding along, yeah! I never do that.

If you’re saying that then it’s almost a guarantee that you…

A great way to re-frame chaos and change.

Picture taken by me in Sausalito 2014.

Chaos is an inherent part of change. The world is changing.

There is much chaos in personal and social life.

The personal chaos might look simple to you, perhaps you’ve been asked to pick something up, or there’s an event you want to attend, and you’re worried about Covid and…

An invitation to cultivate courage and resilience.

Photo by Grant Ritchie on Unsplash

There is so much uncertainty and chaos in the public arena today. That brings up a lot of fear.

  • Frantic scrolling on social media, every post bringing up fear of missing out or comparisons to 2D model people
  • Climate change conversation and the change in seasonal weather
  • Catastrophic climate events…

Peter Middleton

Here to serve the shift in human consciousness.

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