Not only in the “right way”.

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Ensuring you’re treating someone with dignity, easy right?

Not so much.

Simple maybe, easy no. Simple because it just requires active listening, treating without judgement, blame, toxic shame, or criticism.

Everyone is nodding along, yeah! I never do that.

If you’re saying that then it’s almost a guarantee that you…

Connection in a world that fosters disconnection.

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Our world is chaotic at the moment. The antidote to this is to connect more deeply with your Self. To know yourself deeper, and to embody your feelings fully.

You won’t get rid of the chaos; it’s the nature of life as much as peace and tranquillity. What you can…

Sustainable growth comes with mastery mindset.

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We live in an age of frivolity, dopamine, instant gratification, disgrace, cancel culture, separation, polarisation. Are you exhausted by that? I know I am.

The list goes on. We live in the most frantic and scarcity driven society that human culture has ever seen. Individualism has turned into a battleground.

How to discern between difficulty and dorsal vagal state

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Procrastination is a common state for people.

To be accepted, honoured, embraced even.

It exists around protection mechanisms that kept us safe, connected and secure in childhood. Some of these are legitimate. Others are outdated and in need of reworking.


A story of codependent habits

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A story of codependent habits.

Recently I chose a new partnership. It was so exciting and inspiring; I felt so seen, heard, empowered and inspired by her. I felt so loved.

She chose me back. It was more love than I’ve ever felt before. It’s nice to be loved. It…

Do it with care.

Jorge Gordo on

In a recent Creative Block Beaters community call, we discussed the widely experienced, widely ignored phenomena of performance anxiety.

The gig culture of music is now expanding across much of Western Society. …


A rich history of symbolism.

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The magpie has a rich history of symbolism in Northern Europe, China, and North America.

They’re risk-takers; fast, bold. They love treasure and became known for waiting in streams by silver and gold. Going to get what they want, then exiting quickly.

The native Americans attributed the trickster to the…

The grooves to be aware of in trauma survival

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Often, surviving adverse childhood experiences (ACE) can engrain certain behaviours in your subconscious beliefs.

This article will explore those, alongside the challenges that might bring to having self-confidence in a fast-paced and chaotic world.

Many experiential grooves are cut in the brain and body from ACE, to keep you safe…

This awareness will help you to develop.

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The difference between reactive and creative mindsets is enormous. Creative behaviour will have significantly different outcomes in any given situation.

Not that you have a choice per se, you are reactive until you have the awareness to be creative. The intention is to…

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